Our School

Our School

Charles H. Lee Elementary School, which serves grades K-5, is a former California Distinguished and National Blue Ribbon School.  Lee is committed to delivering quality instruction ensuring every child learns and that his/her instructional needs are met.  Lee’s staff works closely and cooperatively to ensure that every classroom has the best possible instruction. We achieve this by closely monitoring the progress of every student and providing early intervention.  

At Lee, we believe that the education of every student is a team effort and we work closely together with the community.  To that end, each grade level has instituted a family night and parent workshop to assist in creating learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.
Lee’s staff believes that the needs of all students, academically, physically and socially, must be met in order for them to be successful.  To say it simply – we’re about doing “what’s right for kids.”  Because children are the centerpiece of everything we do, we believe in them, listen to them and design everything for them.  At Lee, all children come first!